Gait And Pressure Analysis


There are certain instruments that are used by a podiatrist in order to get to know the amount of pressure that is being put on each of the foot. Well, this resembles the overall movement of the body and also how it might interfere with the foot movement as well. Basically, gait and pressure analysis deals with people under treatment for the condition of foot disorders and getting it rectified. Also, it helps in the overall assumption of how well the body happens to use the foot in spreading the total weight out on the foot and giving it the proper function of what it once had.

Treatment analysis.

The entire process of gait and pressure analysis is given below.

  • It’s basically the process of recording the overall movant of the person in order to know the way that they happen to walk.
  • Therefore, there are specialized camera and other pressure sensing plates in the ground on top of which the individual tends to walk.
  • There are also cameras and other infra-red sensors kept in alignment to the individual that makes a representation of the way that the individual happens to walk in a 2D way.
  • Later through computer rendering and other software applications the overall 3D image is obtained along with the amount of pressure that is being put on each of the foot while movement.