The human body can be susceptible to several kinds of infection, diseases or deformations in the day to day life. This can either be because of the fact that the person might have some wrongdoings or it might be elaborated in several ways of how they might spend their time. But then infections stand out the highest among all other conditions because of the things that we happen to come across in day to day life. In the past, infections weren’t an epidemic because of the fact that people were immune to them and had the fighting power to get rid of it through natural ways. But then in today’s generation, we can see that immunity is just gone for a toss and infection has taken a widespread in so many sectors all across the world. Thus, resulting in so many different kinds of problems. But then when we come down to one particular segment of the body then you will come to know that infection is the most prominent things that you might get over here. And that is the foot. 

The foot happens to be one of the most enclosed parts of the body and also is in a tight way because of various reasons that are self-explanatory. Thus, it causes infections that lead to other bad things and eventually amputation. Well, that’s a long shot.  But then in reference to that context, infection of the foot is of many and you can never really know as to what might get you and what might actually cause some form of an epidemic in your body that might harm others as well. Hence let’s take a look at the different forms of foot infections that a person might get and get a general overview of the conditions as well. We have rounded up a few and have given a summary of them. Take a look.

Athletic foot fungus

Whenever a person might get any kind of infection, then you might see that it was all due to the fact that the things that they had on them wasn’t that clean or wasn’t that properly worn. But in general, all this contradicts to the personal lifestyle in general. If you are safe and have a guilty conscious mind, then you can stay away from all the kinds of infections that are there in the modern world. But if you aren’t then you can be a target for all the infections that you might know about and thus lead to severe problems in the end. Hence in this article, we are going to discuss a really interesting kind of infections that have been part of the body for a really long time. Mainly all types of infections are caused by the wrongdoings of human beings and not taking care of themselves like the way that it should be taken care of. But even then, there are some infections that take no for an answer and simply just occur in your system. One of the most prominent ones that happen in your body is the infection that takes place on the foot thus causing the infection known as foot fungus. Also known as athletic foot fungus. Hence let’s get a deeper view of the topic.  

Before we go deep into the topic, let’s know the main concept of athletic foot fungus and its overall occurrence. Well, the main reason as to why foot fungus actually occurs in the human body is due to the accumulation of dust and other dirty things around the foot. This can happen in so many ways like wearing dirty shoes or even making your foot go into something that it shouldn’t go inside as in any kind of dirty place. Or even not taking a bath after a really dirty day. All these kinds of things cause the condition to occur that later causes swelling, itching and also bruising that eats up the good skin and thus paves way for another kind of infections to occur like ringworm, etc. hence all this occurs in athletes more often because of the fact that they happen to wear the same kind of unwashed shoes for a really long time and thus paving way for the condition. That’s the main reason why it’s also known as athlete’s foot fungus.

Athletic Injuries

If you look at the people who happen to get more number of injuries, then you will see that athletes happen to get a number of injuries that anyone in the world. This is mainly due to the form factor that they have to maintain and, in that process, they hurt themselves pretty badly. Well, it can be hands, or the chest and other parts of the body. But mainly if you take a look at the statistics then you will come to know that the foot and the leg are the main regions where almost 25% of the total injuries take place. Thus, athletes will have one or more injuries in their foot because of the vigorous training regime that they might have to follow in order to keep themselves ready for the next challenge. Therefore, in this part of the article, we are going to dive deep into the various kinds of injuries that athletes do happen to have and what all could it possibly be. Hence, we have rounded up some of the most frequently occurring injuries that take place on the foot and ankle region of the athletes that are given below. So, take a look. 

Common foot-ankle related injuries.

  • Achilles tendinitis - This might be the most common foot and ankle related problem that athlete ever gets. It mainly happens to athletes who happen to run a lot because what happens in this condition is that the tendons in the back of the foot happen to get inflamed and even at some cases ruptured. When this happens the Achilles, tendons don’t support the toes in the movement that helps us walk. Thus, paving way for the up rise of Achilles tendinitis. But then the primary reasons as to why someone might get it is due to constant pressure on the tendons that get inflamed and ruptured, due to age and also of the tendons not being able to support the pressure that is being infused with.
  • Fractures induced because of stress – in any high-risk match or game, you can see that players happen to give it their all-in order to be victorious. But then in games like basketball, tennis, gymnastics and other such games, there is a high risk of fractures that tend to occur. Because the ankle in general is susceptible to great amount of stress that paves way for this condition. Any slip or deformation in the landing of the foot, then it can directly pave way for the condition of stress fracture to be induced within a matter of seconds. But then stress fracture isn’t something that you might witness where the bone is entirely broken, it’s a condition where there are small or legs cracks in the bone which is even more painful. At times the region that gets affected goes numb that you just loose the sensation that you have it. But then the general idea of the occurrence of stress fracture is that when the body is unable to taken in the stress or pressure that the foot is being put against (or in this case, the led), then you can witness the occurrence of stress fractures. But this happens very frequently to the third or the fourth metatarsals of the foot.
  • Morton’s neuroma – well this is one of those conditions where the internals of the foot go haywire because of excessive walking or doing anything excessively with your foot. Primarily because of this, there are nerves in the forefoot, the ball like structure where these nerves reside. They happen to get ruptured or even go out of function. Thus, paving way for Morton’s neuroma to occur. Primarily this condition takes place between the second and third toe of the foot and can be experienced by several of the athletes. Because the direct impact on the forefoot, it can result in the occurrence of the condition. But then mainly runners, footballers, and other athletes associated with the sport are susceptible in getting the condition quite easily. Resting and consulting a doctor can get you a proper treatment plan and diagnosis about the condition.
  • Plantar fasciitis – this condition is mainly responsible for the inflammation of the arch-like structure underneath the foot. Because of the presence of strands of fiber in this region that results in the occurrence of the condition. Needless to say, that when you have plantar fasciitis, you can feel pain and agony in the heels of the foot and also the arches are susceptible to immense amount of agony and distress that no one can bear. Because of this arch like shaped structure in the foot, we are able to walk and have mobility in way that we pursue our day to day chores and errands. But in athletes is a different story because they are prone to such conditions. Proper treatment and diagnosis can rule out plantar fasciitis. But most of the times, surgery has only helped in getting rid of the situation completely.
  • Ankle sprain – like most of the injuries that we have seen above, sprains are one of the most common injuries that can happen anywhere where you can see a joint. Primarily because of the fact that sprains tend to rupture the ligaments and muscles in and around the joint that paves way for the uprising of the condition. But in reference to this context, ankle sprains are one of those conditions where the sprain occurs in your ankles where the ligaments, tibia, tendons and other muscles around the ankle happen to get sprained inflamed thus leading to the condition of ankle sprain. Proper medication and treatment of the affected region can cure the condition within several months of its occurrence.
  • Heel spur – well this is nothing but a naturally occurring defect in the body wherein the heel region of the foot, you can see a calcium deposit that can grow up to an inch and a half long. It might happen naturally or it might be artificially induced underneath the foot by the means of constant pressure for a long period of time.


In the world of podiatry, you can expect some fatal incidents to occur that can either make your life easy or just make it fall apart. But then podiatrists are trained to prevent any such causalities and give you the best kind of treatment for the condition that you might have.

Needless to say, that trauma is one of the side effects that you could expect during any kind of surgery or operation done on your leg and the patient might go under shock and come into a state of unconsciousness. So, it’s in best interests to keep the patient free from any kind of trauma whatsoever.

But the skills that each podiatrist might have determines the outcome of the trauma. Trauma can be prevented in many ways but the overall expertise of the doctor itself can make the condition to be a painful yet trauma-free experience.

Ulcers – chronic wounds

Ulcers in most of the cases can be caused due to anything improper that you might be doing in day to day life. In the leg especially, it might become a huge deal where you simply might get this condition and succumb to its side effects very fast.

This is the main reasons why podiatrists, in general, might have to be on their toes to prevent any sort of chronic disease to occur whatsoever. And if it does, then it’s a race against time to remove all the damaged parts and heal it before its too late.

Chronic wounds on the other hands happen to be one of those conditions where it might spread really fast and also have an immersive impact that can generally make the body to break down and fall under the attack of foreign antibodies. Therefore, be free from these kinds of wounds and stay safe. 


Coming down to the treatment of each of the injuries that an athlete might endure in their lifetime, well there are many injuries and treatments are of plenty. Well we have rounded up some of main injuries that one might possibly get in their lifetime as an athlete. Well the list is really very long but then we have just focused on the ones that might be relatable to the foot and ankle part of the leg. Therefore, below are ones that we thought which are important. Take a look.

  • Heel spur – well the overall condition of heel spur lies within the fact that there is an abnormal growth of a small indentation underneath the foot. This is mainly due to excess of calcium deposits underneath the foot. But then what doctors do recommend is the application of ice underneath the foot in order to cool it down and reduce the overall pain and inflammation of the foot. Also taking cortisone shots as well can help in the overall treatment of heel spur. There are special shoes that are designed in order to give you comfort when you walk and not allow any kind of pain to seep in. certain orthotics also can be used as well that are prescribed by the doctor. But to cure the overall condition of heel spur, surgery might be required in order to remove it out once and for all.
  • Ankle sprain – well the treatment for ankle sprain is really quite simple and ‘comforting for some extent. Mainly because of the fact that it all has to do with the damage that it has endured in and around the ankle. Mainly the treatment involves some amount of medications and wrapping the entire ankle region with a wrap of cloth to keep the heat inside the ankle to help it heal. Not only this certain medication is prescribed that help in overall healing of the ligaments and the ruptured muscles in the sprain. Hence you might have to undergo physical therapy depending on the extent of damage and how bad the ankle sprain actually is. But then rest plays a vital role in making sure that your leg is properly healing and nothing goes wrong in the overall recovery phase of the foot.
  • Morton’s neuroma – well treatment for Morton’s neuroma can be different from one person to another. This is mainly due to the severity of the nerve in the forefoot region where the condition usually takes place. Needless to say, that Morton’s neuroma is one of those conditions which has to do with the nervous system and can be very risky if anything were to go sideways and cause some adverse effects in the end. But the primary treatment procedure would be therapy. Well this therapy might involve custom made shoes that can comfort your foot and also can provide a pain free experience as well while walking. But then the main part of therapy has to revolve around not letting the nerve that has been ruptured to give more pain to you and not cause further distress. But in the end, there is only one way that Morton’s neuroma can be healed and that is by surgery. surgery happens to heal the nerve that happens to be ruptured giving you a pain free walking experience.
  • Plantar fasciitis – there are several ways to get the condition of plantar fasciitis to be treated. This is mainly due to the fact that the condition revolves around inflammation of the fibres of muscles. Medication is the primary way to get the condition away and also bring in some amount of relief as well. Physical therapy also proves to be quite helpful because of the fact that it enables the muscles to relax and also allow it to function normally without the interference of pain or any kind off distress feeling. Specialized orthotics that can used in order to get rid of the condition can also be used in the overall recovery from the treatment as well. But if nothing works then surgery can be implemented as well. Injections are one way of inducing the medication directly into the affected region and can cause some amount of comfort right after the procedure. But then surgery plays a vital role in the overall; recovery if the condition is really very bad and none of the treatment procedures are working.
  • Achilles tendinitis – well for the condition of Achilles tendinitis, there are many ways through which the treatment can be carried out. Some of which are given below.
    • Reducing the overall day to day activities.
    • Using ice packs to calm the region around which the condition has been implemented.
    • Going to physical therapy to reduce the pain and get rid of the problem.
    • Trying to stretch your calf muscles very slowly to regain full mortar function.
    • Exercising the affected part slowly to make it flexible and help in the healing process.
    • Using custom-made braces and other types of support mechanisms to help in walking.
    • Taking painkillers in a controlled rate and also other kind of anti-inflammatory medications to reduce the overall condition.
    • Also getting platelet-rich plasma injections to boost the overall recovery from the condition.
    • Wearing specialized shoes in order to help you walk properly and can take in the overall load of the body and not put it on your Achilles tendons.
    • Giving your body the much-needed rest to make sure that the condition does not occur again and give you the overall satisfaction of the treatment.
    • Do as the doctor say and ensure that all the medications are taken on time along with the right kind of nutrition as well.

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