Digital Diagnostic Imaging and Fluoroscopy


You might be wondering as to what this might mean and what is possible does, right? Well, you don’t have to worry as this is the procedure where podiatrists use in order to scan the internal things of your arm or leg. Basically, a mini scanning machine that uses fluoroscopy in order to get an internal image in order to get an overall image to assess the condition much more better. It’s much more common with doctors who specialize in bone disorders and its treatment.


There are certain features of mobile DI that podiatrists happen to use it for. Some of the important ones are given below. Do take a look.

  • It’s very lightweight, and also extremely portable because of the presence of wheels underneath the entire mechanism that uplifts the overall usage of the device.
  • Provides a digital x-ray and also fluoroscopy.
  • For the patients who can’t move from one place to another, it can be brought near them and then the treatment can continue.
  • Has surplus ways of communicating through different ways of wireless means of communication.
  • Helps in getting information much faster than other machines out there doing the same kind of work.

Different procedures used for

Mobile DI is one of those machines that are very useful for the podiatrists to get a clearer image of the underlying damage that has been caused to the bones in any part of the body. Some of the main usages are given below that can elevate the overall use of the product.
  • The radiologic x-ray of the hand, legs, feet, legs, knee, ankle, toes, wrist, fingers, shoulder, etc.
  • Getting a stress view of the given condition.
  • The average x-ray also can be taken in order to get the proper cause of the condition.