In the world where you witness the advancement of science and technology to great extents, there still remains different possibilities where one might wonder as to how infections and another kind of diseases still exist even though so much developed around us. In general, from day to day happenings in the world, we have sufficed in becoming much more predominant in engaging ourselves in finding that breakthrough to eradicate pain and other kinds of infections that might affect us at any point of the day. Therefore, when we talk about pain, let’s take some deep insights in this subject and explore it a bit more. But then the standard area of pain might be anywhere in the body, from the head to your foot, but in reference to this context let’s talk about the foot. There are several different things that might happen to a person in the foot. Some of which could reflect some internal damage to the nerve or even less blood circulation as well. Morton’s neuroma is one of the things that can affect your foot in such a way and also because it gives the patient extreme pain and agony on several different levels. Morton’s neuroma is a condition where it affects the outer part of the nerve near your ball like structure underneath your foot and thus causing some unknown levels of pain. the pain is something like your leg stepping on a piece of Lego while you are jumping. This condition can be healed by medication or even by surgery in some cases. Corticosteroids injections are also given in order to calm the tissue around the nerve and stop the nerve from giving a stinging like sensation. Now that we have some insight into the situation, let’s get to know a greater insight of the situation. Let’s get cracking.


The human body is a place where no one can predict as to what might happen and also what could possibly go wrong at any given point in time. It’s a place of mystery and delusion where infections, disease and deformations are the three main things that revolve around it making it vulnerable and weak. Mainly because of such things there have been greater studies in this respective field and also tried to make the human body free from it. While researching in the field of such infections, deformations and diseases, there have been some interesting facts that might be found and some unexpected ones as well. But in the world of Morton’s neuroma, there are some of the facts that are quite interesting yet very definitive when it comes down to knowing more about the problem. Therefore, we have rounded up some of the interesting facts revolving around Morton’s neuroma and are given below. So, take a look.

  • The main aftermath of having Morton’s neuroma is that the individual might have to deal with sharp pain and a burning sensation of pain from underneath the foot.
  • The basic agenda of Morton’s neuroma is the swollen inflamed nerve near the ball like structure underneath the foot.
  • In extreme scenarios of Morton’s neuroma, it might lead to the operation and also corticosteroid injections to reduce the swelling and make the person walk once again.
  • If you are wondering what the entire nerve might be swollen, then it doesn’t happen that way. Only a part of the nerve near the ball like structure underneath your foot is affected and is variable to shape and size. Some might be as small as 3mm and can be as big as 20mm. but the average size of Morton’s neuroma is somewhere around the region of 6.2mm.
  • Instead of surgery, ultrasound-guided procedures can be used to sure Morton’s neuroma. Causes.

Causes and symptoms

For anything abnormal to take place in the human body, there are several different causes that lie underneath the diseases, infections and deformations that might happen in humans. But then all of them have some or the other definitive cause of it how it might happen? And also, where it might have come from? All such questions can only be answered when there is proper research done in the respective field to gain greater results in order to get the proper answers. There are several reasons as to why anything might happen to the human body, but then there are only a few reasons that match the symptom of the infection or the disease that you might have within you. Hence when we look into the world Morton’s neuroma, we come to know that the causes of it happening are of plenty and are straightforward. Your everyday lifestyle can also cause the situation to arise in your foot. The nervous system in our body is quite delicate and also fragile. Any blow or shock can lead to a spiral of diseases and infections to arise that could be permanent or temporary depending upon the extent of the damage. Hence in the foot, the nerves tend to be quite discrete in giving some important functions and carry out the basic features of walking, running and even withstanding all the weight of the human body. Therefore, let’s get on to the probable causes of Morton’s neuroma to happen in the first place. The various causes are given below.

  • Morton’s neuroma can be easily found if there was any kind of suppression or irritation that might be a longer extent at one particular point of the foot. It could be anything and if the foot succumbs to irregular movements, Morton’s neuroma can be formed.
  • But then one of the most probable and more general causes of Morton’s neuroma is that if a person were to wear shoes that were very tight and affect the toes in the first place. And also, if women were to wear high heeled shoes and have them on their legs for a really long time. Thus, giving rise to Morton’s neuroma.
  • If you have any kind of natural diseases or deformation on the foot such as hammer toes, bunions, flat feet, etc. it can lead to the formation of Morton’s neuroma very easily.
  • Also, other effective causes of Morton neuroma do include the regular irritation of the ball like structure underneath your foot due to vigorous physical exercise and also tampering of the foot in any way possible to get the extra edge for balance and support in any kind of sport such as running or any kind of court sports.
  • Accidents to the foot or even injuries can lead to the occurrence of Morton’s neuroma given that the injury is deep and affects any nerve of your foot.

For a person to know if they might have any kind of disease, infection or even any kind of deformation, then the only way to know is by looking into symptoms of the problems. Each infection can give some different kind of symptoms through which we can come to know as to how far the problem might have progressed and what kind of treatment is advisable in order to rectify the overall problem and remove it once and for all. Taking into consideration the various other facts and causes of a problem, symptoms can vary depending on the individual and the intensity of the problem. Therefore, when we travel into the world of Morton’s neuroma, the symptoms are different can be quite interesting depending on the person who has it. Hence in Morton’s neuroma, the only main symptom that you can feel while having it is pain. A lot of pain. But then all this can be different from one person to another. Therefore, let’s get the different types of symptoms that one can get to see or witness the symptoms in their body if they were to have Morton’s neuroma. Below are some of the symptoms of the problem. Take a look.

  • There will be some kind of tingling sensation underneath the foot. This also includes burning and numbness sensations as well.
  • A lot of pain. Pain can’t be inevitable as the nerves are the ones that carry pain signals to your brain and gives you the indication of pain. Therefore, a whole lot of pain.
  • A kind of feeling that something sharp has been left inside your foot and is killing you or just piercing through your foot. This is when you put the infected foot on the ground.
  • But when you wear a shoe, then the feeling is different as time, you will feel that someone has put in a bunched-up sock underneath your foot giving you that weird sensation of something there inside your shoe when there is nothing present.

But as Morton’s neuroma happens to progress along, then the symptoms vary depending upon the intensity or the level of the progression. Therefore, we have arranged a pattern for you to look into the problem. It is given below. Take a look.

  • Pain doesn’t just come up abruptly. It might take some amount of time to actually come up to the surface. But then these symptoms can be aggravated if you were to wear any kind of narrow shoes or even perform any kind of intensive sports as well. Needless to say, that pain can be elevated in several ways, even walking can increase the spreading of Morton’s neuroma.
  • But then all of this can be avoided if you were to not wear any kind of shoe or by simply not walking or putting any kind of pressure in general. Not only this but then the pain only goes away for a short amount of time and not permanently. It is just the onset of Morton’s neuroma.
  • In the end, after a couple of days, even though you might have been precautious in what you do, the symptoms just happen to become worse and can remain in your foot for a longer period of time.
  • But the worst part is that if you were to not do anything about it then, these temporary changes might become permanent and the pain also becomes permanent. If this were to happen then surgery is the only way where one can actually get rid of the situation. Also, in some worst-case scenarios, some really invasive surgery might have to be done in order to remove Morton’s neuroma successfully.

Morton’s neuroma happens to be very prominent because of some underlying factors that might include various reasons. But then these reasons are prominent because they happen to aggravate the situation in your body to a whole lot more than what it happens to be in the foot. Therefore, some of the risk factors about Morton’s neuroma are given below. Take a look.

  • Deformations of the foot – naturally existing foot conditions can aggravate the occurrence of Morton’s neuroma. Some of these conditions include bunions, hammer toes, high arches, flat feet have relatively higher chances of possessing this condition.
  • Wearing high heels – high heels, in particular, can elevate the overall condition of Morton’s neuroma because it happens to exert a lot of pressure on the round shaped structures underneath the foot. Because of this Morton’s neuroma is a factor that can be found more in women than men.
  • Playing certain sports – certain sports that might include a high level of stress that is induced into the foot can result in Morton’s neuroma to happen and also can prove to be fatal. As discussed earlier, there is no indication of it taking place but when it does, pain and agony are the only two things that you can expect all throughout your journey with it.

How to know if you have Morton’s neuroma?

As discussed earlier, the symptoms and the causes where quite interesting and extensive as to various things can affect the increasing capabilities of the condition. But then, in the end, there can be many ways to actually make a person know whether or not they have it. Mainly because the sight plays an important factor in helping the individual know whether or not they have it and also the pain that might be killing the individual from inside. But then pain in the foot means that there might be something that might be misplaced or even something might have shifted to another part of the foot. All this might be accountable because of an accident or some kind of injury as well. Therefore, there are several different ways of getting to know as to why it might be the underlying cause of the situation and also come to know as to how you might have gotten it as well. But in the case of Morton’s neuroma, there might be several different kinds of things affecting this condition and getting to know the facts can be tough for many situations as well. Because in this condition there aren’t any kind of external features through which you can come to know. Pain comes and goes but doesn’t stay constant. This only happens in the later stages of the condition. Therefore, let’s get on with the different factors that might help you in deciding whether or not you have Morton’s neuroma. Below are some of the points that have put together. So, take a look.

  • Generally, in this condition, you can come to know that pain is the only indication for such a defect. Mainly because there aren’t any external signs that can help you to give a proper diagnosis of the occurrence of Morton’s neuroma.
  • But instead of that, you will only endure the feeling of standing on a pebble or some sort of stone like object underneath your foot making it really hard for a person to walk or even move from one place to another on foot.
  • Not only this but along with pain comes a burning sensation that leads to the toes and can be quite painful if the condition hasn’t been brought back to normal. all this reflects on the onset of Morton’s neuroma.
  • Also, you can witness some kind of tingling sensation that leads to pain and then a killing like the sensation of the foot. Also, the part underneath your foot happens to go numb or even make you not feel any kind of pain at all. But pain generally isn’t constant. It tends to fluctuate between numbness.
  • When you tend to feel something or rather a weird sensation of pain that you might not be sure of just starts to happen and gives you an unbearable jolt of pain through your spine that you cannot tolerate. That’s when you can tell that you might have Morton’s neuroma. Nothing can be sure unless and until you consult a designated doctor or a podiatrist.

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