Digital X-ray

Overview of HF PXS-710 X-RAY

There is certain podiatrist equipment such as the PXS-710 that happens to be one of the most versatile ways of getting any kind of x-ray of the foot and also be very accurate in order to locate the overall problem that the individual might be facing. But then needless to say that the machine happens to ergonomically helpful in many ways possible and happens to be the best in terms of radiographic applications where the podiatrists might be needing it a lot. Other than this machine is built in the USA that makes it very useful in the long run. 


There are many useful features of the PXS-710D X-ray machine mainly because of the fact that it happens to be very flexible in several ways possible. Some of the interesting features are given below.

  • It has a high-frequency output that gives and crystal-clear output image.
  • It has rail support system that can be used by the patient to get an overall resistance for long-standing scanning’s.
  • Has a low base of about 3.5mm that can be helpful for the patients for them to get on and off from it.
  • Also, it qualifies in the ADA TAX credit.

Used for

The use of this machine happens to be a lot more than expected. It has ample uses in and out of which the important ones are given below.
  • Used in radiographic applications for the proper scanning of patients.
  • Also used in the x-ray applications to get the clear image of the bone structure.
  • Used in the field of immobile patients such that the machine can be brought to them and the scanning can be carried out.
  • For the proper implementation of treatment in the desired area through the ways of using this machine and getting the best-desired results as well.