Digital Orthotics


There are aftermarket products and custom products which are handed out to the patients in order to get their overall comfort levels back. But then custom orthotics is one field where you can expect some really interesting things to be made especially for you. Orthotics in general help patients to have a peaceful life and have it specially made for you can always be helpful and also very useful in the long run. Therefore, several companies happen to take measures to give you the closest measuring orthotics to the respective place and thus being custom can also be special and interesting at the same time.

Metascan Diagnostics

The Metascan diagnostic system is simple, innovative, high tech, user-friendly and grounded in well-researched principles. It provides an efficient, highly accurate and scientific means of patient assessment. The proprietary software is unmatched in its clinical diagnostic capabilities and interactive patient education.

Metascan V5 software consists of dynamic, static and postural visual analysis capabilities. The software allows for comparison of scans, pre and post diagnosis and therapy in the various applications.

Metascan Static

Static scans capture bilateral plantar pressure distribution. The scanning technology can be incorporated into various balance testing, training and therapeutic protocols depending on the clinical approach. The scans can identify muscle/skeletal anomalies such as leg length discrepancies. Can also be used to assess the efficacy of orthotics, lifts or postings using comparison side by side scans.

Metascan Dynamic

Our Metascan dynamic software scans the foot 150 times per second tracking 8 key points along the plantar surface of the foot. Our dynamic display captures bilateral plantar pressure during the stance phase of gait. Gait observations show each of the 8 key points relative to pressure and time in a colour corresponding to the 2D and 3D composite image and displays gait analysis data. The Full Normal Graph compares the patient’s 8-point graph to a normal graph of the stance phase of gait. The Metascan diagnostics translates the digital information along with the clinician information into a prescription for custom orthotics.


Gait & Pressure Analysis

The Metascan 8-Point Gait and Pressure Analysis Report provides the practitioner with a unique dynamic analysis tool for the diagnosis and treatment of the aberrant foot function. Using the same scan data which is used to create the composite and frame images in the Metascan client software, the 8-point analysis gives specific information on the distribution and timings of pressures through the different areas of the foot and compares them to normal.

Custom products

Custom orthotics has its own perks and can be implemented in several different departments of the human boy. Mainly because of which we can see that custom orthotics has its own department in the overall treatment face of the patients. Some of the several custom orthotics are given below. Take a look.

  • Orthotics for the patients suffering from diabetes and need comfort in their foot.
  • Athletes how to require some amount of pain relief and custom-made orthotics for a speedy recovery.
  • Children orthotics for those in need.
  • Custom made braces for the perfect sleep at night.
  • Orthotics that gel well on the kind of clothing that happen to wear.