Having anything in excess can really be devasting in the body and can also cause some immense form of deformations as well. The human body is a balanced system where everything is in proportions and anything here to overweight the others, then you can see your body undergoing withdrawal symptoms and cause some really awkward conditions that involve some freaky treatment procedures as well. Hence in reference to that context, we have some conditions that actually is caused by the abundance of sugar or glucose in the body that makes it really hard or the body to synthesize and cause it to just become a whole lot weaker in every other term. Diabetes happens to one of those conditions where the sugar level in the particular individual happens to very high and can cause some really awful after effects as well. Having an excess of sugar or low sugar can cause many dangerous things as we take a deeper look into the condition of diabetes.

Diabetes in one’s body needs to be controlled and bought under rectification as to how it can be eliminated. But then having too much of sweet stuff can also induce it in the body. Therefore, diabetes happens to affect the entire body and especially the feet. The occurrence of diabetes in the feet can pave way for some serious consequences and also make it really inevitable for the rise of another kind of foot conditions. If diabetes isn’t brought under control then it can also lead to the toe being amputated because of the excess of sugar that causes it to not function properly. And in some extreme cases, the entire foot as well. But then the entire condition of diabetic neuropathy occurs in the foot of those people who happen to have diabetes for a really long time and don’t keep it under control, then the condition starts to go bonkers and cause diabetic neuropathy to induce into the foot. Therefore, with reference to that context let’s take a deeper look into the world of diabetic foot and explore those other things that it has to offer and how many types of other kinds of diabetic feet are there. Let’s get started.   

Diabetic ulcers

In day to day life, we can witness that it becomes very difficult for anyone to actually get through with any task if they have any kind of injury that they have to sustain. Mainly because of which they have to get it healed in order to get the overall condition to go away to resume steady function of the entire human body. Other than this there are several different types of injuries that can happen accidentally or through natural events that can be a very harmful yet painful way of getting it. Some might be through our carelessness that leads its way in its happenings. Hence in this very segment, we are going to deal with the various things that lead to a much devastating after effects after the condition have already taken place. But one of those problems which happen to take place by its own means is ulcers. Ulcers are a condition which happens in a really awkward way. It can be through something that we might have digested or through by others means where we might have been affected with a condition. The reason is of plenty. Therefore, when it happens it very hard to get rid of very easily. The most basic definition of an ulcer is that the condition prevents any kind of healing to take place in the body. Meaning that if you were to get any kind of wound, then the membrane that is responsible for the overall healing factor stops working and thus causes the condition of an ulcer. It can happen anywhere in the body, but then the most primary of places where it happens to occur in the foot. So, let’s discuss a bit more about the condition. 

Ulcers generally take place because of our carelessness and mainly due to some other underlying condition that might be present in our body. Therefore, when we combine the overall condition of the ulcer with diabetes, then we can get to know the overall condition of diabetic ulcers. It’s basically the combination of ulcers along with diabetes that eventually paves way for the occurrence of this condition. But then when you involve diabetes and ulcers together, it becomes a really painful affair. In this condition, the foot where it primarily targets just becomes painfully hard to even control and have normal movement. Because of which you can always experience the skin that happens to be on the foot to just come off or eaten away by the ulcers, giving rise to the inner membrane of the skin. If not brought under control it can eat away a massive chunk of the skin and finally cause adverse damage beyond repair.

 But then the most common places where they happen to attack are on the ball of the foot, underneath the big toe and they can also affect the overall structure of the bones in the foot. They can happen to any person who might have diabetes for a really long time, but then only if you are reckless enough to not keep it under control at all.

There are several causes of diabetic ulcers to even happen in our body. The major reason would be diabetes that plays a really important role in the occurrence of ulcers in the first place. Then if there isn’t any proper blood flow in the region then it’s very likely that you can see diabetic ulcers to actually take place. Hyperglycemia also can cause this condition. What does it mean that having high blood sugar can elevate the condition to a whole new level? Any sort of wounded feet or injury to the foot can also elevate the condition. Needless to say, that the nerves on the foot also might be susceptible to causing diabetic ulcers. But then taking proper medication and having a balanced diet can eliminate the condition and also in some cases the entire condition of diabetes as well. Also, have a brief discussion of what you might be feeling on the foot in order to get a proper diagnosis by the doctor and rectify the problem and start treatment as soon as possible.

Diabetic Neuropathy

Whenever you look on your foot, then you can see that there are nerves which happen to travel all across the foot and have some major role in their presence over there. This is because of the fact that nerves are responsible for a person being able to sense any kind of pressure or any other form of thing on the foot. It also regulates several parts of the foot in terms of how you might want to move your foot and other actions. They voluntarily act like a receptor of sorts that makes them really important. Without the nervous system, we wouldn’t have any kind of emotions or feel of any sorts and just be senseless in all forms. Therefore, they are one of the most important parts of the human body. But what if there was something that was to happen to this nervous system. Neurologists can take care of it but then determining the underlying cause might be difficult as there are many different steps that are actually involved and mainly some very painful procedures a swell. Therefore, when you look into the world of foot and nervous system problem then there are can several conditions that are responsible or the overall problem that causes the foot to lose its function and make it a useless thing. But one of those conditions that are responsible for the overall defect of the nervous system in the foot has to be diabetes. 

The condition of diabetes affecting the nervous system in the foot is also known as diabetic neuropathy. What this means is that diabetic neuropathy is a condition where the nervous system in the foot happens to lose all its function because of the abundance of diabetes. Hence it starts to eat away the nervous system or in other terms just makes the nervous system not do its job and cause numbness and other forms of the senseless condition. But then mainly this condition is also called as sensory diabetic neuropathy. But when your nerves on the foot don’t happen to work, then you can also see that the muscles as well lose their overall function and just make it impossible for anyone to even use that foot ever again. The only solution for anyone to regain total function of the foot after they have the condition of diabetic neuropathy would be to reduce the overall sugar and stat on a balanced diet in order to maintain the sugar levels and not cause any further problems. Also due to diabetes the nerve might get damaged and also known as nerve damage that is very risky and also can cause a permanent nervous breakdown in the foot that results in the foot losing all its primary functions. Amputation is the only solution for you to have a normal life. 

But then sensory neuropathy isn’t the only thing that can happen to your foot when you have diabetic neuropathy. Peripheral neuropathy also is a thing that happens a whole lot more common and affect several parts of the foot, legs and even abdomen area. But then there is an immense amount of pain in the foot as the nervous system tends to shut down slowly in the foot, also the blood circulation in the foot turns out to be slow and irregular. You achieve some sort of tingling sensation that makes it really hard for someone to predict what is actually going on. Other than this you can also experience numbness for a really long time that can cause it to stay that way and just make you lose your foot permanently. But after all, this, even when you have diabetic neuropathy, then vigorous burning sensation can be felt when the condition happens to stay persistent for a longer period of time.


Well whenever you might have any kind of underlying condition that makes you not feel well at all, then you can see that treatment and other precautionary measures are to be taken in order to eradicate the situation and also make it really hard for the condition to ever arise again. But then in the modern world, being adhered to all of the treatment procedures can be tough and very hard to even keep up with. Medicinal treatments do have its toll for a short amount of time but then for the long run, it tends to wear off. Therefore, in part of the article we are going to discuss several different treatment options that you could get both at your home or in the hospital. The choice is you. Both of them are given below and we have rectified what all is important and mentioned them below. Do take a look.  

Home treatment options – getting treated at home has its own effects for the long run. Because you are always going to follow it and also be aware of what you are going to do. Therefore, most of the important things that you might have to do are given below. Do take a look.

  • Ensure that you tend to go to a dedicated foot doctor or a podiatrist in order to get a regular checkup if the foot happens to be fine or not. The doctor can give you a proper narration of how the foot is and what’s going on inside of it.
  • Do make sure that you take good care about the problem of diabetes because if it’s not under control then amputation can be the only way you can ever get out of it. Your blood sugar level should be kept under the maximum range such that nothing happens to you and you don’t get any after effects of things.
  • Ensure that when you go to the doctor, do check your feet for temperature and other kinds of things. Because of you don’t then underlying conditions can keep growing and cause some fatal consequences in the long run. So, do get an assessment about the blood circulation and of the overall skin tone and color gradient of the foot.
  • Keep in mind to always take care of your foot equally like the rest of the body. Do have any kind of warm water bath and also have proper temperature levels of the water such that it doesn’t cause any kind of nerve damage. Keep your foot clean from any kind of germs or injections and dry your toes clean, especially in-between your toes.
  • Keep regular tabs on how the foot manages to behave on each part of the day. If anything seems fishy or other than normal, then contact the doctor immediately to get the foot tested and scanned for any irregularities.
  • Also, do keep in mind to check whether there is proper blood flow along with enough temperature same as the body such that nothing happens to it. Along with this do check for other foot problems that might happen to the foot. Foot problems such as bunions, plantar fasciitis, blisters, redness in some regions, calluses, corns etc.
  • Stop smoking as the smoke that inhale and exhale happens to reduce the blood circulation in the foot and in the body thus making it very easy for ulcers to form easily.
  • Try to apply some amount of lotion on the foot such that nothing goes wrong when you come out of bath. Applying lotion, can keep the foot hydrated and make it free form any kind of condition whatsoever.
  • Use proper things while taking a bath and rub your foot with gentle things in order to remove any kind of hardness and just make it really easy for you to remove any kind of underlying condition as well.
  • Wear proper shoes that can actually fit you peacefully and not induce any kind of pressure whatsoever. Wearing of ill-fitting shoes can cause several other problems which can be harmful to your foot in many different ways.
  • Clip your toenails on a periodical basis, because of you don’t then the toenails happens to start becoming ingrown and thus paving way for the rise of another foot condition in general. So, keep your foot free from any kind of defect whatsoever. Subtle changes can lead to ulcers to form on the foot.
  • Never walk barefooted in any outdoor environment because there are things that can cause harm to your foot and make it very easy for it to crack open your foot and making it really hard for the foot to even regain proper function. So, take care of it properly at all times.
  • Wear properly washed socks and stockings in order to stay away from any kind of infection. Primarily wearing of dirty shoes or socks or stocking are some of the primary reasons that ulcers generally tend to take place.
  • Never share footwear that has been used a lot and not washed. Chances are that the infection what the other person had might be transferred right to you.

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