Diabetic screening


Diabetic screening is one of those primary procedures that need to be carried out in order to eradicate the onset of any kind of diabetic condition on the foot. It’s mainly required to get the risk factors of diabetic ulcers or diabetic neuropathy to be eliminated before it happens to rise on the foot. Studies have shown that almost 85% of the individual diagnosed with diabetes happen to have the entire condition of diabetic foot eliminated because of the diabetic screening of the foot. But the general and overall procedure of how this is carried out is given below.


The overall procedure of how diabetic screening is actually carried out is given below.
  • At first, the doctor will start to examine your foot in several ways to eliminate the early symptoms of the diabetic foot to even arise. Well, this might be through the doctor’s examination or through self-examination.
  • After which is something serious is to be found then it moves on to level two of the overall treatment phase where more intensive measures are taken in order to know what might be going on.
  • If something is found then it is treated, but then if there still pertains something much more immense, then further level three measures are used in order to get the overall condition rectified.
  • Beyond which surgery or amputation might be required to save the person’s life.