If you were ever wondering whether or not injuries happen only to adults, then I guess your childhood was pretty safe and not that interesting. Falling down or suffering from any kind of infection can be tedious and also quite resilient in several ways because of the fact that us being children have been through some serious conditions that needed extra care and treatment to get over the initial phase of the situation. But then, on the contrary, we have suffered from wounds and also from different types of injuries that we might remember when we were kids. Hence in this segment, we are going to have a brief discussion about these types of injuries or conditions that might affect children in their young age.

Kids or children may not know as to what might be going on in their body. There can be some serious effects that could take over the entire body or just be in one particular region. Well in reference to that context, we are going to discuss the conditions that children’s might get on their foot as an account of it being something really serious and horrific if the condition continues to worsen. Therefore, children can be a target of several conditions that could be related to the foot. It can either be serious or something that is negligible. 

Children’s often have the tendency to know what they might be doing and cause some condition all by themselves unknowingly. Hence in this article, we are going to discuss these kinds of foot related injuries in kids such that you can get to know as to why the condition might be and also how it can be caused and other factors related to them. So, without further ado, let’s get cracking with the topic and explore the world of children foot related injuries or conditions.


if you were to look into the world of interesting facts about the foot in children’s, then you can come to know that there are many different things that might interest you and also shock you at the same time. Mainly because of which we have included some of the various interesting facts about the children foot and have given it below. So, take a look and get amazed.

  • Well, the human body has 206 bones and one-quarter of those bones happen to reside in the foot. This is primarily due to the fact that the foot comprises of a total of 33 joints, 26 bines, 107 ligaments and 19 muscles. Well, this is why the foot serves to be the most important part of the human body.
  • The foot can also be deformed from birth because of some abnormality causing it to not have any kind of arches. Therefore, the condition of flat feet arises that in turn gives it a much easier way of gaining body control over a larger surface area. But on the contrary, pain also is inevitable.
  • The total number of injuries that happen to a person are caused in the foot. This is mainly because of the fact that almost 75% of the total people happen to have foot problems. And almost 60% have foot injuries while the rest have some kind of sprain or fracture.
  • The foot comprises 250,000 sweat glands that are capable of producing sweat that can come up to half a pint of glass.
  • The heels or the soles of your foot happen to comprise of the thickest of skins. This can also be really helpful; for taking in all the shocks and torture that the foot might have to go through.
  • The toenails on the foot happen to grow much faster than compared to your nails on the hand, which might take up several weeks to fully grow out.


Well when you ever diagnose any kind of disease or any other condition then you can come to know that there are certain situations where you might have to know the major causes in order to go ahead with the treatment. As the treatment might differ as to how the person might have gotten it. Needless to say, that in the foot of children, there aren’t many things that might happen, but then we have rounded up some of the most interesting ones that are highly likely to occur in the foot of any children. Therefore, few of which are given below. Take a look.

  • Clubfoot
    • It might be due to heredity or genetic disorder that might lead to this condition. Mainly because of which the family might be held responsible for its occurrence.
    • Also, is caused by abnormal development of the baby in the mother’s womb if the person smokes during her pregnancy and doesn’t take care of herself properly.
    • If there isn’t enough amniotic fluid surrounding the baby in the mother’s womb, then clubfoot is highly likely to be caused in the baby right from birth.
    • Also, any deformations to the skeleton system right from birth or from development of the body can lead to this situation.
  • Flat feet
    • It might be caused due to irregular development of the foot in order to create any sort of arches.
    • Any kind of injury that might be caused to the individual during her pregnancy can lead to this scenario.
    • Being diabetic after a certain point of time.
    • Any kind of injury that you might get during a child that makes the arches to just fall down and lose its overall shape and vigor.
  • Tarsal Coalitions
    • The best way to actually know as to whether or not you might have gotten Tarsal Coalitions, is when the bone structure of the foot isn’t properly formed.
    • Also, if you have any kind of underlying conditions that might lead to this situation as well.
  • Bunions
    • The causes of bunions are mainly family inherited. Because any external factor might cause this but then the accident or injury must be on point to get this condition.
    • Wearing of high heels an also make your toe to bend in a really awkward way such that you might have to experience the onset of bunions.
    • If the genetics of your family has bunions persistent, then you are highly likely to get the condition as well.
    • Wearing ill-fitting shoes can definitely aggravate the condition to an entirely new level as well.
  • Growth plate injuries
    • Accidental causes have been highly linked with growth plate injuries because of the unpredictability of how and when it might affect your foot and cause the problem.
    • High level of radiation that might lead to the occurrence of the condition and thus form a greater version of growth plate injury in general.
    • Frostbite can also cause this condition to arise as it might just eat away chunks of flesh and cause internal damage to an unprecedented level and eventually death might be the outcome.

Symptoms and Risks

Now that we have taken care of the little things that one might have to look out for in their kids in order to prevent such conditions to arise in their child’s body, we have some of the symptoms as well that can be given as much importance as the causes such that they can prevented in future cases. But then these symptoms happen to be one of the most prominent ways of affecting the human body and also help the individual to know as to what might have gone wrong and how they might have to correct the entire conditions. Therefore, below we have rounded up some of the most important foot conditions that one might get and given the symptoms as well. So, take a look.

  • Clubfoot
    • When you happen to look at the calf muscles, then you see that they are underdeveloped and tend to just stay deformed and can be of no use whatsoever.
    • The affected side of the foot happens to be 1 ½ inch shorter than the normal foot thus giving a clear indication of problem.
    • When the condition progresses you slowly see that the affected foot starts to look more of an upside-down posture than a normal one.
    • The affected foot happens to be twisted in a much bizarre way and in the inward posture and the arches are very high thus making it very unlikely to ever use the foot in any kind of work.
  • Flat feet
    • The main symptom of flat feet might be pain and shocks of pain just coming in an upward direction. Basically, it just scrutinizes you into believing that something is really wrong when everything might seem alright.
    • Also, you can witness some amount of swelling and bruising around the ankle region. Not only this but then the entire arch area slowly falls down, thus paving way for the rise of flat feet on either one of the foot. But in rare cases in both the foots.
  • Tarsal Coalitions
    • Even while standing for a short period of time, pain is the best thing that you might ever experience.
    • The foot and the ankle region which happens to be flexible becomes really rigid and robust as well.
    • Signs of the occurrence of flat feet might start to appear.
    • Your legs start to feel tired and just give in to not getting anything done.
    • Spasms and contractions of the muscles in the legs happen to get worse day after day.
    • Limping is one of the major symptoms that you will ever notice.
  • Bunions
    • You can see that the edge of the big toe on either side of the foot starts to swell up and even the base happens to get worse.
    • The big toe loses all of its movement abilities and is restricted to particular movements.
    • The development of corns and calluses start to develop.
    • Swelling and redness of the affected region start to appear which may or may not go for many days till the condition is under control.
  • Growth plate injuries
    • The joints between the ankle and the foot tend to get warm and swell beyond imagination.
    • As the condition worsens over a period of time, pain and tenderness of the area that it has occurred just becomes critical.
    • The affected area where the limbs happen to be connected just won’t respond anymore and thus causing it to simply freeze and still give you the same amount of pain like always.

Calluses and Corns

The human foot is quite different and unique on so many levels. Mainly because of the way that it has been designed and even the functions that it has to perm because of its vast implementations of people in their daily lives. For some, it might be another peripheral in their body while for others it might be their livelihood. Therefore, in our system, there are several different types of problems that might have to face in order to get things right and even ensure that you might have the proper functioning of yourself in order to make things right altogether. Nevertheless there are certain kind of things that have to be done or even taken care of while you are taking care of your foot and preventing any kinds infection or diseases to come onto you such that it might lead you to get your leg amputated for the prevention of the disease to spread, not only this but then if you look at the way that you might prevent it, there are several different ways that you can do it and prove to be successful while you are at it. Therefore, while some are dangerous, others might be not that deadly but might have a long-term impact on your human body of mot taken seriously. One of the various diseases or deformation like that is calluses and corns which tend to be somewhat of a deformation of the toes and the sole of the foot of an individual. Hence let’s dive deep into the disease and come to know what this is and know a bit about them.

Our body has layers of skin that tend to keep shedding itself over a period of time or even short intervals of time. Therefore, there is time on the toes and on the soles, this shedding of skin doesn’t occur but then it turns out to be hard and even harder at times if the progression of the disease goes on for a longer period of time. Therefore, at this point in time, the body tends to protect itself from wear and tear and give the body protection form the environmental changes around it. But then the causes of this are plenty but usually, they occur on the hands and toes causing some intense changes and even making them soft or spongy depending upon how you go them. They easily wear off and also don’t cause any kind of distress. If you are healthy then just eliminating the source of friction pressure eliminates the overall underlying causes of this and makes it a whole lot better and just removes it completely. But then if you are diabetic or have any such long-term diseases still existing in your body then it might prove to be a greater risk for the person as these cuts out the blood flow and also makes it unbearable for a person with diabetes and if they get it. Therefore, consulting a proper doctor and also knowing a proper podiatrist can give you an overview of how one can make things better and also how they could prevent the spreading of it as well. Natural home-made precautions or techniques have proven to be significantly helpful but then a doctor can provide you with the best kind of treatment that can make you pain-free in a matter of hours or even seconds.

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