When you happen to look inside the anatomy of the foot, then you can come to know that there are several bones that make up the overall structure of the foot and give you the freedom of actually getting the right kind of grip in order to carry out the daily errands of functions of life. But then all this might be stopped or come to end if you were to ever have any kind of foot disorders that might come into the picture. The foot comprises the toes, the heels, the arch and other things that make up the overall existence of the foot. But then when you take a closer look at the world of the foot, then you see an arch that is very distinct and can be found for all the people out there. Mainly because of this arch we happen to get our walking posture and also have the freedom to do anything that we might live. But what if there was something really horrible that was to happen to the arches. That’s why in this article we are going to discuss different forms of problems that you might find in the arches of the foot. Let’s get started.

Plantar Fasciitis

The anatomy of the human foot happens to be one of the most advanced ways that have to lead us to recreate some of the basic things that we might be doing in our day to day life. There are several muscles and tendons and ligaments that happen to work together that makes up the entire functioning of the foot in general. But then when there happens to be something that can go horribly wrong then there are many deformations that one can see where you can never really be surprised as to what might come and haunt you. Therefore, in this segment, we are going to discuss a condition known as plantar fasciitis that happens to given below with a detailed description.

If you happen to look underneath the foot then you can see the front sole, the back heel and a side muscle that travels from the back of the foot to the front giving the overall shape of the foot. But then these are called plantar fascia. They are mainly responsible for giving proper shape and size to the foot and get the overall shape back to how it was. But if there was an underlying condition and anything were to happen to these muscles or strands of muscles, then the condition is known as plantar fasciitis. Basically, in this condition, you can witness pain along with swelling and other forms of external signs such as redness of the affected area, improper walking and also a whole lot of burning sensation as well. Hence it can be cured by actually resting and taking proper medication to get the overall condition back on track and bring out the best of the foot free from any kind of problems and make it new like before.

Arch (Cavus Foot)

the human body happens to be the epitome of all the deformations that could ever happen to any kind of living organisms. Basically, because of several reasons, this might be the problem. It might be genetic or heredity, the reasons are unknown. But then when you happen to look into the most prone area of the human body where you can see something abnormal then that might be the foot. The foot happens to be the most affected area of deformations of several sorts. Therefore, from out of all those deformations we have cavus foot as one of those deformations discussed in detail below.  

The foot happens to have an arch on the side, if you happen to look down and examine it, then you can see that this arch is mainly responsible for the foot to help balance the body and get the right kind support to carry out day to day work. But what if this arch was very high and abnormally high, then this is where the condition of cavus foot happens to come into the picture. It’s the condition where an excess amount of arch is witnessed that puts a whole lot more pressure on the sole and the heels of the foot that makes it impossible for anyone to even have a normal life.

Flat Feet

the foot is a place that involves several complex functions to occur at the same time and give the individual the ability to actually get the best use out of it. There are many convolutions and curves that make it susceptible for the individual to have its use in our daily life. Each and every part of the foot has its own application and can suffice in bringing the best in our ability to get the job done. But primarily if you see underneath the foot, then this is where most of the major work is carried out. The place where all of the body weight happens to be comprised off and you have no idea as to how hard it has to work in order to get the overall functioning of the foot to be carried out properly. But then in several cases, there are some genetic disorders that happen to take its toll on the functioning of the foot and thus causing some weird conditions. We are going to discuss one of these conditions in detail below which is none other than flat feet.

Flat feet are an abnormal condition where the arches of the foot happen to fall down slowly this paving way for a broader footprint thus making it susceptible to giving the person more surface area and a greater stability ratio. Well, some might call it a defect while some might thank the deformation to be different from the rest of the people out there. But then this condition is primarily caused by any kind of family inheritance or through genetic deformation that might have caused during pregnancy. Or also it could be caused by any kind of accidents that might have happened in that individual’s lifetime. 

There are several reasons but then if you were to ever get flat feet then the arches would disappear giving you a foot like impression and would lose the ability to ever do anything normally. But everything would seem different and even the walking posture would change completely. Surgery and another kind of therapy can only get the condition removed. But some might beg to differ and just have it such that they can do their daily work most faster. The flatter the feet, more the grip your get and faster the work gets done in general.  


Infections are the deadliest things amongst all the injuries or conditions that you might get. Because they have the ability to take someone living within a matter of days or hours. But then some of them out there aren’t that serious and can be treated with the help of medication making it really easy for anyone to actually have them removed from their body. But then the most common way from where these viruses or infections can enter the body through indigestions of contaminated food or water. Even walking barefoot can cause the aggravation of the condition and cause some intense scenario of life and death. In reference to that context, we have something very interesting lined up for you. There are infections that happen to enter the body through the foot and cause some pretty interesting aftermaths once it happens to takes its place in the foot. Out of many that are there out there, we are going to discuss in detail about the condition of warts.

Warts is a kind of infection that happens to arise in the foot. They can be found in hands or anything in another part of the body, but then the foot is the most common place for its occurrence. Mainly because of which you can see some weird stuff going around your foot in general. But then getting the condition is really very weird. Its report said that the condition of warts happens to arise in the foot because of the fact that the individual might be walking barefoot and through that, the infection of warts can enter the foot. Also, through any kind of cuts, you can experience the condition to arise in general. But then it doesn’t stop there, once it enters the body, then you can witness the condition to starts causing blister like things on top of your foot thus resulting in some really awkward looking foot. Especially the region where it happens to occur right in-between the toes, thus making it really itchy and irritating at most of the times. But then the condition can be resolved by taking special care in washing your feet and also taking the right kind of medication with the application of ointments in order to eradicate the condition completely. If you don’t take care of your foot then you witness the condition of warts to grow exponentially can cause some adverse defects that might lead to amputation as well.

Well whenever you might have any kind of condition, then you obviously know that you need to get them treated in order to remove the condition and have a normal functioning of life. Mainly because of which if they were to still remain in your body, you might have some really adverse consequences in general. Therefore, below we have enlisted some of the most important treatments for the above given defects the foot. The various treatments are given below.  

  • Plantar fasciitis
    • Taking in of medication such as ibuprofen, and other types of medications in order to calm down the inflammation and the swelling underneath the foot.
    • Undergoing physical therapy in order to check out any kind of pain that you might be getting underneath your foot.
    • Using night splints in order to give the warmth and overall protection to the affected part the foot in order to get the condition removed as per the treatment.
    • Usage of specialized orthotics that helps in day to day life and can also relive your foot in order to get the maximum benefit during the entire course of the treatment.
    • If none of the treatments works, the specialized injections are used in order to calm down the overall inflammation and swelling of the foot. At times surgery also might be required.
  • Cavus foot
    • The overall treatment procedure for the condition of cavus foot remains almost the same as all other conditions related to foot deformations.
    • Using specialized orthotics in order to get the overall condition to be normal and also prevent any kind of pain to start in the affected area.
    • Using of braces in order to attach the foot normally into them and not making it move much. But the braces take all the impact while you might be walking.
    • But then there are specialized injections as well that are used where you can get the best kind of relief, but then they are very expensive and guaranteed results aren’t achieved all the times.
  • Flat feet
    • Physical therapy is a must in order to get the overall condition to just give you a relaxed feeling rather than a painful one.
    • Orthotic devices that happen to be such an easy mechanism in order to get the overall condition to be really helpful and ensure that you have support even while standing or walking.
    • Usage of specialized shoes that can help in proper walking and not in a cripple like manner.
    • Exercise that involve stretching such that the bones have much room for development and take in the condition of flat feet.
  • Warts
    • Usage of medication is the best way to get rid of warts. Primarily using salicylic acid and cryotherapy helps in the treatment of warts and making them to go away completely.
    • Usage of certain kinds of vaccines have proven to be helpful as well.
    • Laser treatment is another surgical treatment procedure where the condition of warts is taken out completely with the help of lasers.

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